Our Curent Race Boats



Aussie Connection

Name: Aussie Connection
Owner: Barry Taylor
Driver: Mark Healy
Class: Unlimited Hydroplane
Engine: Rolls Merlin V12
Sponsors: PT Engineering


Name: Aquamagic
Owner: Ron & Clint Sneddon & Stephen Scott
Driver: Stephen Scott
Class: 6 litre Hydroplane
Engine: Chev
Sponsors: Luscombe SAutomotive, Marland Mushrooms, Packaging Needs, MSC Signs, HRT Services


Cut Cat Racing

Name: Cut Cat Racing
Owner: Stephen Rumble
Driver: Stephen Rumble
Class: 95 & 105MPH



Name: Desperado
Owner: Greg Holland
Driver: Liam Holland
Class: 6 Ltr Hydroplane
Engine: 6Ltr



Name: HBR
Owner: Greg Holland
Driver: Brad Holland
Class: 1.6lt Hydroplane
Engine: 1.6lt Toyota Twin Cam
Sponsors: Veitch Marine



Name: Hydrolust
Class: 6 Lt Hydroplane




Another Madam


Name: Another Madam
Owner: Bob Webster
Driver: Bob Webster
Class: 105 MPH
Engine: 6Ltr Displacement



Moonshine Racing

Name: Moonshine
Owner: Ivor Godsell
Driver: Mike Godsell
Class: 85 & 95MPH



Still Playing

Name: S-15 Nicholls Racing
Owner: Dooie Nicholls
Driver: Dooie Nicholls
Class: OzLite
Engine: 1.6ltr Toyota





Name: Destiny
Owner: Blake Ramsey
Driver: Blake Ramsey
Class: Unlimited Displacement
Engine: Unlimited




Name: Turn IT Up
Owner: Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson Blown Lite

Conner Patterson 6 Litre Displacement

Class: Evergham Blown Lite & 6 Litre Displacement
Sponsors: MSC Signs - Packaging Needs - KAP - SJ Patterson Plumbing - Siedler Homes - Music Maker


Other Madam

Name: The Other Madam
Owner: Bob Webster
Driver: Bob Webster
Class: 6Ltr Displacement
Engine: 6Ltr Displacement


The Dictator

Name: The Dictator
Owner: Kelsie Dempster
Driver: Kelsie Dempster
Class: 25HP





Hot Cookie

Name: Hot Cookie
Owner: Russell Jones
Driver: Russell Jones
Class: Hypre 5
Engine: Nissan V8

GP3 Warlord

Name: GP3 Warlord
Owner: Ron & Craig Burton
Driver: Troy Marland
Class: Grand Prix Hydroplane
Engine: 510ci
Sponsors: Packaging Needs


Wild Child

Name: Wild Child
Owner: Darren Robinson
Driver: Darren Robinson
Class: Unlimited Displacement
Engine: 510ci



Power Boat Racing