Power Boat Racing

Name:  Liam Holland

Nick Name: Bigg Rigg

Pilot of: HBR

Class: 1.6 ozlite 

Hometown: Melbourne Vic

A little bit of information about your boat: The boat has a bit of history, it was firstly a 4.2ozboat back in early 90’s raced by my father, winning many championships and records  with even 4.2 record of 120mph/ 200kph and now being competed and 1.6ozlite class and doing well, with some minor mods of course. 

Crew: Crewchief- Brad Holland, Dad, Tyson, Bluey, Christine, Burnsy 

History in the sport: Raced in jnrs with lil liberty with a little 15hp inboard merc as soon as i turned 10, and raced it until i could then race the hydro, which is where the history begins to be made!