Rattler II



Power Boat Racing

Name: Les Tomada
Nick Name: None
Pilot of: Rattler 2

Class: 5.2 Litre Displacement

Hometown: Croydon Hills

A little bit of information about your boat:

Crew: Johnny, Daniel, Adi Tomada, Mark & Adam Hocking, Butch, Marcus, Archie Roberson, Rick & Michael Chimenton

History in the sport: Former 5.2 Litre Australian Champion Other hobbies: Watersking
Most respected Competitor: Alan Micallef
Best thing about boat racing: Speed

Best thing about this club VSBC: Family orientated
Sponsors : R&G Truck Repairs , Concrete Werx ,Archie Roberson M.I.A.M.E.V.A.S