VSBC Gold Cup

Lake Boga

Venue: VSBC , Lake Boga Victoria

General Admission

Saturday Gold Coin Entry


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Major Events/ Races


Championship races are:
Lawson Shield Round (6 Litre Hydroplane)
Cole Brown Series (1.6 Hydroplane)
VSBC Gold Cup


All boats will be required to be scrutineered prior to being allowed on the water, including for testing

and practice runs. All scrutineering will be conducted within the pit areas. Scrutineering will be available from 11am till 5pm on Friday 10th January.

Scrutineering on Saturday will be by prior arrangement with the VSBC to allow for boats that will arrive after 6pm. Contact Beth Stephens if you will need to make an alternative time.

Pits will close at 8am SHARP on Saturday
We will have tractors putting boats in and out of water, tow cars will be asked to leave pit area once unloaded and allowed back in at end of both days.
Catering:  We will have full catering on site for the weekend, as well the club will be offering catered dinner in the club rooms on the Saturday night.
Bar will also be open in the clubhouse all weekend.
Details to be confirmed closer to the date. Bookings are essential.

Presentation/ Trophies

Saturday night in the club house, commencing at 6:30pm.

1st 2nd and 3rd place trophies are available for all classes.

All trophies and relevant prize money will be presented at this event.

This will be live streamed and all drivers and crews are asked to attend. Please wear crew/ team colours where possible.


Current Entry List for our Eppalock Gold Cup Event

Boat Name Class Entered

A Little Reckless - Baxter Ramsey
Hostile Bull - Amber Bull
Flame A Bull - Tara Bull
Lebborghini - Luke Bonnici
High Jacked - Jack Meades
Times R Tuff (JNR) - Jetta Norrish

25 /550cc
The Dictator - Kelsie Dempster
Addicted 2 - Nathan Stevens
APBA 13 - Jess Crowe
Impulsive - Cooper Bronstein
Black Bull - Liam Sutherland
Race Marine - Zac Murphy
Hell Yeah - Karl Bonnici

1800 Outboard
Flynn - Nigel Flynn
Rebound - Richard Hannan
Silverback - Scott Robjant

Oz Lite 1.6
Paying Again - Gary Combes
HBR - Brad Holland
No Direction - Jas
Times R Tuff - Paul Norrish
S17 - (Dooie) Ryan Nicholls
86 Melton Toyota - Grant Harrison

Hyper Five
Untamed Lady - Neil Ryan
Olde Horney - Peter McDonald

Moonshine Racing - Mike Godsell
Viking - Rob King
Freedom - Bob Reid
Frenzy - Brett Clark
Hot Cookie - Russell Jones
Anger Management - Paul Whitten
Carnage - Andrew Chilver

Cut Cat Racing -Steve Rumble
Viking -Rob King
Frenzy - Brett Clark
Empty Pockets - Josh Sawyer
The Gator - Melissa Macansh
Hot Cookie - Russell Jones
Hydrolust - Paul Jones

The Other Madam -Max Stevens
Another Madam - Tom Webster
The Gator - Kelvin Macansh
Hot Cookie - Russell Jones

Open Outboard
Rebound - Richard Hannan
Still Angry - Sam Lucas
Pepperoni Playboy - Daniel Cook
Carnage - Andrew Chilver

6Ltr Open
Healy Um - Mark Healy
Shananigans - Chris Pugsley
Desperado - Liam Holland
Turn it up - Scott Patterson
Turn it up - Connor Patterson

Unlimited Open
Bad Fusion - Rick Duddington
Wasp Racing - Darren Penington
Always Pumping - Dennis Psaila
GP1 - Grant Harrison
Turn it up - Scott Patterson
Turn it up - Connor Patterson