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The VSBC is proud to b

Camp Site bookings to be emailed to rosseps@bigpond.com


Information required:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Caravan/Motor Home/Tent (including size if possible)
  • Number of Adults and children
  • Arrival date


Eftpos will be available at the gate for payment.

e hosting the EC Griffit

2018 E.C Griffith Cup TV Add

h Cup at LakeEppalock on the 28-29 April 2018. Ron Burton (13 time winner) will be trying his best to re-capture the cnCurrent Water Storage Level. The EC Griffith Cup has been won 25 times by VSBC member.

The VSBC is proud to be hosting the EC Griffith Cup at LakeEppalock on the 28-29 April 2018. The EC Griffith Cup has been won 25 times by VSBC members and we are proud to be hosting this prestigious event, making it something to remember.



Current E.C Griffith Cup entry list

Maverick - Tate Williamson VSBC
Monopoly - Kelsie Dempster VSBC
VooDoo - Sienna Charles VSBC
J48 - Karl Bonnici VSBC
Unleashed Luke Bonnici VSBC
Tuff E Nuff- Joshua Mander ASBC
Machete - Oscar Stevenson VSBC
Crackalackin - Cooper Brostein ASBC
Lil Hostile - Nathan Stevens VSBC

Southern Star - Alex Shepherdly MRSBC
Aquaholic - Clare Shepherdly MRSBC

(currently no entrants at the moment )

(currently no entrants at the moment )

Unlimited Outboard
Impulsive - Adam Smith ASPBC
77 Raciong - David Meades VOC
Miss Impulsivel - Lauren Griffith ASPBC

1.6 Hydroplane
HBR - Brad Holland VSBC
S15 - Ryan Nichols VSBC
No Direction - Jasmine Frajnkovic VSBC
86 - Grant Harrison MRSBC
Obsessed - Mike Smith ASBC
Playing Again - Gary Combes VSBC

Rev Limit - Ray lindrea GDBC
Evil Angel - Krystal Arthur GCPBC
Instigator - Daniel Jury GDBC
Hot & Spicy - Stuart Arthur GCPBC
Freedom - BobReids GMBC
Raider - Jim Beatie GCPBC

(currently no entrants at the moment )

95 MPH
Frenzy - Brett Clarke GDBC
Viking - Rob King VSBC
Watercooled - Timmy Martin VOC
Cut Cat - Stephen Rumble VSBC
Impulsive - Adam Smith ASPBC

6LTR Hydro
Desperado - Liam Holland VSBC
Aquamagic magic - Stephen Scott VSBC
Villain - Micky Walls VSBC
Healy-um - Mark Healy VSBC

Unlimited Displacement
Duggan Balancing - Rob Psalia MRSBC
Always Pumping - Dennis Psalia MRSBC
Wild Child - Darren Robinson VSBC

GP Hydro
Gp1 - Grant Harrison
Warlord - Craig Burton piloted by Troy Maryland VSBC

Trojan Entrants
Turn it up - Scott Patterson VSBC
Cause4 Concern - Skeet Lawson ASBC
Zenith - Tate Ramsay MRSBC
Shenanigans - Chris Pugsley Dargle PBC
Work horse - Michael Newton UHPBC
Nova - Nigel Deveny GDBC
Chase & Kash - Heath Hamilton GDBC
Tuff E Nuff - David Clark ASBC
Impulse - Brendon Mason ASBC
Rattler - Les Tomata VSBC
Joe Jnr - Adam Wood MNSBC
True Blue - Paul Harvey WASBC

Les Spears Entrants
(currently no entrants at the moment )

Victorian Open Unrestricted Championships
(currently no entrants at the moment )

 Desperado - Liam Holland
Mystic Miss - Ricky Howard
Turn it Up - Scott Patterson
Gp1 - Grant Harrison
Duggan Balancing - Rob Psalia
Cause4 Concern - Skeet Lawson
Zenith - Tate Ramsay
Aquamagic magic - Stephen Scott
Aussie Connection - Owner Barry TAYLOR piloted by Mark Healy VSBC
Chase & Kash - Heath Hamilton
Warlord - Craig Burton piloted by Troy Maryland